Carlow Court House
Location: Carlow Co.Carlow

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Without doubt Carlow Court House is one of the most impressive and imposing public buildings. It is an excellent example of Greek revialist architecture, which was designed, in the late 1820s by noted architect Willam Morrison. The Court House is sited on a former quarry, which accounts for much of the drop in height in this area, particularly to the Court House rear and in the Greenbank Carpark areas. There are two large polygonal court rooms contained within the impressive granite decagonal building. The court rooms are roofed by two half domes, not one as it may appear. This was to facilitate the entering of natural light into the building, as the provision of electricity was still some eighty years away. The rear of the building contains what are now the offices of the court services but then the offices of the Grand Jury. The building is constructed on top of a wide podium under which the cells were located. The portico is composed of ten imposing Ilissus ( Temple in Athens ) style ionic columns in front of which large flight of steps leads to the street level. The Roman world is symbolised by the iron railings, which are in the form of Roman pike heads and symbolise justice. The building is said to have cost £30,000 to construct. The Court House is still operational and is operated by the Court Sercices under the Department of Justice. The building holds civil proceedings, family law cases as well as the District and Circuit Courts.


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