Clashganny Barrow Lock
Location: Carlow Co.Carlow

Listing Description

Flowing through the county of Carlow are two important rivers, the Slaney in the east of the county and in the west, the second longest river in Ireland, the River Barrow. In particular, the River Barrow has proven to be a vital trade route. This has been none more emphasised than the development and operation for over one hundred and eighty years of the Barrow Navigation. This system of Locks allowed boats to avoid the weirs and rapids of the river. Inside the lock a boat could be raised or lowered to the level of the water in the direction it was travelling. Possibly the besty run of the river for whitewater paddlers. The river hits a wier a short walk up from the carpark at Clash, then into lough gates beside the carpark into a large still pool.


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Clashganny Barrow Lock Co Carlow

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