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St Itas Holy well is located adjacent to Faithlegg House Hotel. St Ita was believed to have been born around 470AD in the Faithlegg area and baptized as an infant. And it is here that her association seems to end. Ita it seems was best known for the founding of a convent in Cluain Creadhail, which is now known as Killeedy in County Limerick. Often compared to St. Brigid, she refused to be married, and left her fathers house to take her vows. Legend has it that Ita was lead to Killeedy by three heavenly lights. St. Ita died in approximately 570. Her grave, frequently decorated with flowers, is in the ruins of Cill Ide, a Romanesque church at Killeedy where her monastery once stood. A holy well nearby, almost invisible now, was believed to have cured smallpox in children for centuries. There is a strong local following of St. Ita in Munster, particularly in Waterford and Limerick, and her name is a popular one for Irish girls. In the middle of the nineteenth century, a new move was made in Ireland for recognition of her importance in the Catholic church; this was accomplished when Bishop Butler of Limerick obtained from Pope Pius IX a special office and mass for her feast which is now kept on January 15.


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