Gaulstown Dolmen Waterford
Location: Gaulstown Co.Waterford

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Gaulstown portal tomb is one of the most impressive monuments in the county and also ranks among the finest Dolmens in Ireland. Situated at the foot of what's known locally as "Cnoc an Chaillighe"', (The hill of the Hag") it stands in a small shaded enclosure. Facing SE into a hillside, the structure consists of two east-facing portal stones (2.4 metres high) with a blocking door between and a chamber behind comprised of three other uprights. The various uprights support the large rectangular capstone some 4.2 metres in length and 1 metre thick. The structure has undergone substantial maintenance in the form of concrete support which is most visible inside the chamber. However, it doesn’t take away from the overall appearance of the monument. The middle orthostat on the North side is possibly not in its original position, appearing to be somewhat offset and encroaching into the chamber. This is a much visited monument and should certainly be on anyone's itinerary coming to Waterford on a megalithic journey. It's a bit difficult to photograph, particularly in Summer when the surrounding trees are covered in leaves but it's certainly a lovely quiet place of peace to dwell and reflect on this amazing prehistoric structure.


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Gaulstown Co Waterford

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