Jordans Bar
Location: Waterford City Co.Waterford

Listing Description

Jordans threw open its double doors to the public way back in 1948. It is a quaint pub with old world charm and everyone is welcome. Today, this family run establishment is an urban hub for activity. The front bar, where the conversation has an early start most mornings, is perfect for any curious visitors passing by. In the evenings, Jordan’s American Bar is a great spot for a game of darts. Tuesday night is music night where talented young local musicians, “Jordan’s Rig-Out,” gather in the lounge to sing blues, traditional and original tunes. These sessions are very popular and the talent is terrific so well worth a visit ! Various live bands are on hand most bank holiday weekends to entertain late into the night. Jordan’s American Bar is also the venue for the annual October “Booze, Blaas and Banter.” It is a Saturday morning filled with memories of Waterford in bygone days. The stories are magical and the blaas are delicious. There’s even a walking tour of the town later in the day. Old world charm is available in great supply here and you won’t want to leave.




Opening Times

Mon to Thurs 10:30 - 11:30
Fri & Sat 10:30 - 12:30
Sun 12:30 - 11


123 Viking Triangle The Quay Waterford

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