Road Bowling Fenor
Location: Waterford City Co.Waterford

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The traditional & heritage sport of road-bowling is very much alive and well here in county Waterford. Road-bowling has survived many obstacles through the years including rural modernisation and the ever increasing traffic on our roads but with some patience and better signage,the sport survives.Played with a 28oz steel bowl for men and a 24oz for children, our course is just over a mile long on the Copper Coast, Fenor to Annestown Rd R675. In Fenor, road-bowling is not just a game; it is a vital part of the fabric of the community. The sport is very easy to learn but requires hours of practice and technique to master while benefiting the players with social, physical and traditional attributes. It is highly economical as all it requires is a pair of runners and a bowl, which may explain its upsurge in popularity in recent times. All abilities are facilitated and we welcome visitors and passing photographers. Contact Liam Power 0894382043


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