Smithwick's Experience
Location: Kilkenny City Co.Kilkenny

Listing Description

Smithwick’s Experience Kilkenny. This new multi-sensory and interactive experience will take visitors on a journey through the medieval origins of brewing on the site of the St. Francis Abbey Brewery to the arrival of John Smithwick in the 1700’s, and right up to the present day. Visitors will be fully immersed in the history of Smithwick’s, Ireland’s oldest beer brand, the amazing heritage of the Smithwick’s family and its place in Kilkenny, a city steeped in history and brewing. The tour includes a giant seven foot high hologram monk welcoming you to the brewery. when you start the tour it will be in a monastry-like cavern, just as it was when the monks came there all those centuries ago and it will be lit by candlelight making it even more atmospheric. During the tour, the Smithwick’s brewing process will be brought to life with visitors having the opportunity to experience the smells, tastes and textures of the raw materials involved in creating the perfect pint of ale. French, German, Spanish and Italian speaking visitors will be offered an audio guide to take them through the tour, which lasts approximately 70 minutes.


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Opening Times

Mon to Sun 10 - 6
Last booking 5pm


Parliament Street Kilkenny

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