Tacumshane Windmill
Location: Wexford Town Co.Wexford

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Approximately 2o minutes drive from Wexford Town you will find a real curiosity, Ireland oldest working windmill. This rare and unusual find was built in 1846 during the Irish Potato Famine by a man called Nicholas Moran. Nicholas had trained as a Millwright in Amsterdam and brought the craft home with him. Eventually, there were 12 more windmills built along the Wexford coast. In fact, you can still see the remains of one on top of Vinegar Hill in Enniscorthy. But time marches on and they fell into disuse and disrepair, luckily this particular Windmill survived. Indeed it was still milling right up until the 1930s and was eventually handed over to the state as a Monument of National Heritage. To visit it, follow the signs to Meyler's Millhouse Bar and ask at the bar for the key. You can then access the inside and explore it at your leisure. There is no charge to access it, it's totally free but we can recommend stopping for a refreshment in Meyler's and soaking up the peace and birdsong while you are there. Just above the door, carved into the lintel is the date 1846 and the thatched roof revolves to assist the blades. And just so you know.... Tacumshane is pronounced Ta-coom-shin and is derived from the language Yola, a blend of Irish, dutch and middle english which was exclusive to this area of Wexford. The word Yola itself means "old"


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